March 08, 2018


40" x 30" ACRYLIC on CANVAS $480 (includes shipping within USA)

La musica que nos agrada se convierte en alimento
para nuestras almas, el esfuerzo y talento que toma para componer
las notas que sin duda son muestras geniales de arte,
arte el cual heredamos desde el principio de nuestra existencia.


June 28, 2017


40" x 30"  ACRYLIC on CANVAS  $650   (includes shipping within USA)

That one story that was never told, that one kiss that was never given,
that "l love you" that was held back, aquel perdón nunca otorgado...
all of which can become the ghost that hunts the color of
your dreams and blur the windshield of your future...

March 22, 2016


Buscando la inocencia en el limbo de tu mirada encontre aquella falsa sonrisa que se esconde en tu atardecer...saborea tus dias, besa el momento presente, sonrie de la nada, agradece eternamente.


July 27, 2015


Once again you linger between my sheets,
why are you here,
what do you want from me, you don't even respect the fact
that I am very tired and I worked all day,
you even make me loose my count of jumping sheep,
the older I get the more you harass me.
Can I at least close my eyes.
Insomnia you make me love my nightmares.

June 08, 2015


 40" x 30"  ACRYLIC on CANVAS  $850   (includes shipping within USA)

With just a simple smile you can
cause the earth to shake, with your
intimidating blue eyes the sun has to be mindful of his moves,
no need to say your beauty is comparable with the stars,
sure you already know,
please allow me to remind you, how special you are.
No doubt you are created to the image of God.

May 25, 2015



Love is the main source of energy,
energy that forms this complicated world,
which many don't give the love that it deserves,
forgetting in the mix that amazing
great energy of love that made it and
puts all of us in it.


Captivating colors,
freedom of love,
visual sounds,
the voice of my soul . 

November 25, 2014


In a world of big meaningless intentions, from empty vessels who claim the unauthorized power to falsely guide you into a limited closed box, you are the only one who has the key to open that box look outside of it, appreciate the magnificence of the creation of God universe, vibrate with it, enjoy it, and love it.

November 17, 2014


..different opinions there are,
knowledge allows you to understand that
respect is the key,
love is the solution,
peace is the goal...


April 28, 2014


The overwhelming sensation of taking responsibility of
how your own self reacts to the things
that life presents on the long road,
of incredible experiences,
positives and negatives,
but somehow we manage to overcome,
and always stays in our minds as an
invisible giant who chases us
with innumerable insecurities,
only the strong will survive, what?
strong mind? Strong body?
Strong spirit? Which one?
I guess all of the above.....

October 24, 2013

Artistica Locura

Tubos de colores, algunos, vacios y malogrados, lienzo abusado, pinceles marchitos,todo dentro de una caja de herramientas color naranja, que en el va y ven del viento y el proceder del reloj, son complices silentes de increibles actos de artistica locura.


He aqui el Guacamayo con sabor caribeno, una elegante y refrescante obra dedicada especialmente para todos los amigos Boricua, viva Puerto Rico.

Al Compas

Al compas del viento ,al compas del ritmo, al compas de amor se unen Los cuerpos brindando entre si un armonico aroma de constante glamour que demuestra Los valores de un baile magico.

April 30, 2012

Digo Yo

Con voz de chiste:  “Si hay quienes suben para arriba y otros que bajan para abajo, entonces no hay problema si quieres entrar para adentro.

April 23, 2012



When an idea manifest and turns into something you can actually grasp, or consider tangible...To be continue...


Como una rafaga de viento, cargada con la vibracion de magicos sonidos entonando la belleza de la vida, indudablemente.

April 02, 2012

Costa Bay

20"x16" Acrylic on canvas.
Sol, palmeras y arena, temperatura caliente and beach view are always good memories of an amazing vacation on a caribbean island.



Acrylic on canvas 24"x18"
portrait of one of the best rap artist of our era, may be the best.
Some even believe he might not be from this planet.